Also covers Spies, Sabotage, etc in Australia during WW2


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Was it a cover for Japanese Spies?
Australians at Port McArthur collaborating with Japanese Australian Air Investigation Intelligence
Their role was to capture Australians spying for Japan and

"Coral" Machine used by the Japanese Naval Attaches during WW2

Chinese seconded to Japanese Espionage in Australia

History and Overview of Japanese Intelligence
Italians Interned in Australia during WW2 "Jade" Machine used by the Japanese Imperial Navy during WW2 Japanese Agents on Iron Island at Broad Sound in Central Queensland
Japanese Agent Umeda operated in the Portland Roads area of north Queensland Japanese Agents on the Darling Downs in Queensland Japanese Agents investigate the possibility of landing operations on Fraser Island
Japanese Agents investigate cattle movements in NW Queensland Japanese Agents investigate the Sir Edward Pellew group of islands in the Gulf of Carpentaria Japanese Fishermen spying along the Queensland coast including at Cape Upstart and the Burdekin River
Japanese Landings on Australian Soil during WW2

Japanese Master Spy in Queensland, Professor Ryonosuke Seita

Japanese Reconnaissance Flights over Australia during WW2
Japanese Secret Societies Japanese Spy Ring in Queensland just prior to  WW2 Japanese Spies at Mareeba
Japanese Subversive operating in Newcastle/Coffs Harbour area
Tracked by Observation Centre, Sydney for Radio Security Organisation
Japanese "Z" Plan broken by ATIS Kempei Tai
Japanese Military Secret Police
esponsible for counterintelligence in Japan and occupied territories)
On the lookout for Spies in Australia Possible Spanish Agents in Australia
with short-wave radios
Prisoner of War and Internment Camps in Australia during WW2
"Purple" Machine used by Japanese Diplomats during WW2
Also know as "The J Machine"
Sabotage at Babinda Sugar Mill Sabotage at Fort Cowan
Secret fifth-column radio transmitters in Queensland Spanish Consul in Australia - an Axis Spy Tokko
Japanese Civilian Police - The Thought Police
Type 91 - "The Red Machine" " USAT Holbrook" sabotaged  



Allied Signal Intelligence Units and
other Secret Units in Australia during WW2



"Spyweb - Japanese Intelligence"
The History Channel

"Shadows Dancing - Japanese Espionage against the West 1939 - 1945"
by Tony Matthews


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