Everything you wanted to know about military activities in Australia during WWII

by Peter Dunn OAM


“WWII Historians have stated that the "Australia @ War" web site is a better source for covering WWII Military activities on the Home Front than the Official Histories.”


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A gold mine of information on Australia during WWII


Military Aircraft Crashes in Australia
during World War 2

Military Airfields in Australia and
the Western Pacific Area
during World War 2
Military Units in Australia
during World War2
Military Camps/Locations in Australia during World War 2
Prisoner of War and Internment Camps in Australia during WW2
Command Structure
in the South West Pacific Area

(including the Commanders)
Rank and Military Structure
during WWII
Allied Signal Intelligence Units and other secret units in Australia during WW2

Japanese and other Axis Power Intelligence Units and other
Secret Units during WW2

Includes details of Spies, Sabotage,
etc in Australia during WW2

Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)
in Australia during WW2
Royal Air Force (RAF)
in Australia during WW2
5th Air Force USAAF
in Australia during WW2
Netherlands East Indies Air Force
in Australia during WW2
Netherlands East Indies Naval Forces
in Australia during WWII
Australian Army in Australia during WW2
US Army US Army in Australia during WW2
RAN Royal Australian Navy
in Australian Waters during WW2
RN Royal Navy
in Australian Waters during WW2
RNFAA Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm
in Australia during WW2
US Navy US Navy in Australia during WW2
US Marine Corps US Marine Corps in Australia during WW2
Civilian War Effort
Construction, Production & Repair, Transport, Supply, Civil Defence, Austerity Measures, Civilian Life
Women @ War in Australia during WW2
Aboriginals and Islanders defending Australia during WW2
African-American Soldiers
in Australia during WW2
Canadian Military Units in Australia during WW2
JNAF Japanese Navy Air Force
betty01.jpg (2950 bytes) Japanese Air Raids in Australia
sub01.jpg (1897 bytes) Japanese Submarine Activities off the Australian Coastline during WW2
Japanese Reconnaissance Flights over Australia during WW2
japsland.jpg (5995 bytes) Japanese Landings in Australia during WW2
kraut.jpg (4870 bytes) German Maritime activities off the Australian Coastline during WW2
ozmined.jpg (5326 bytes) Australian Coastline mined during WW2 by the Allies, the Japanese and the Germans
Chemical Warfare in Australia during WWII
brissy.jpg (3414 bytes) "The Brisbane Line"
Was it fact or was it a myth?
Friendly Fire Friendly Fire
Unfortunate accidents in Australia during wartime
Hotels frequented by Military Personnel
in Australia during WW2
altercation.jpg (5536 bytes) Altercations, Riots, Crimes and Accidents involving the Military within Australia during WW2
hamp02.jpg (3209 bytes) The Secret War
Secret Bunkers, Mustard Gas Trials, Japanese aircraft in Brisbane, "Z" Force Commandos invade Townsville, Eavesdropping on the Japanese
forts.jpg (3583 bytes) Bunkers, Tunnels, Fortifications
In Australia during WW2
dump02.jpg (3386 bytes) Dumped, buried, burnt, scrapped or saved in Australia after WW2
commandeer.jpg (3128 bytes) Residences & Buildings Commandeered by the Military in Australia during WW2
Schools @ War
School life in Australia during WW2. Many schools were also commandeered by the military
arch11.jpg (3366 bytes) Archerfield @ War
quarry05.jpg (4253 bytes) The Archerfield Quarry
Carr's quarry on Mortimer Rd. Acacia Ridge,
full of military equipment from
Bulimba @ War
Rockhampton @ War Rockhampton @ War
sc25.jpg (2263 bytes) Sunshine Coast @ War
including Moreton Bay and its islands
The Redlands @ War The Redlands @ War
including, Cleveland, Wellington Point, Redland Bay, Capalaba
Townsville @ War

Details of the 3 Japanese bombing raids on Townsville,
the Military Units based in the area during WW2
and many more interesting stories

clandis.jpg (2696 bytes) Celebrities @ War
Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Carole Landis, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Joe E. Brown, Una Merkel, Phyllis Brooks, Lyndon Baines Johnson, General Douglas MacArthur
jh102.jpg (2874 bytes) Jack Heyn in the South West Pacific during WW2
Jack Heyn was a photographer with the 3rd Bomb Group
threat.jpg (3800 bytes) Historical World War 2 sites under threat
qsmall.jpg (3785 bytes) Flying under
the Sydney Harbour Bridge
during World War 2

And the Storey Bridge in Brisbane also

WW2 Warbirds in Australia
museum.jpg (3123 bytes) Military Museums in Australia
wbs.jpg (3971 bytes) Military Books & CD-Roms
covering WW2
in the
South West Pacific area
elsath.jpg (4397 bytes) Elsa Aircraft Recognition Card
Abbrevns. Military Abbreviations and Terminology
Military Vehicles in Australia during WW2 


Zoom Presentations on Aviation and Military History


Anzac Day 25 April 2010

Anzac Day 25 April 2009


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My backyard friends


Aussie Slang




460thumb.gif (2199 bytes) 460 Squadron RAAF
The most sorties, the highest tonnage,
the heaviest casualties, the most decorations
of any Squadron in Bomber Command
g4gthumb.jpg (4001 bytes) "G" for George
(Lancaster bomber from 460 Squadron RAAF)
Nominal Roll - Australians in Stalag Luft III
April 1942 - January 1945
linc.jpg (2414 bytes) Lincoln Tales
Stories of 10 Squadron RAAF in Townsville
by John Laming
old113.jpg (2435 bytes) Old 113
Story about Mustang A68-113 based in Townsville
with 10 Squadron RAAF in the 1950's
by John Laming
gremlin.jpg (3141 bytes) Do you believe in Gremlins
Stories of 10 Squadron RAAF in Townsville
by John Laming

me109a.jpg (1886 bytes)

A Messerschmitt and a Blackbird on a Tree
Stories of a 7 year old in Kent during WWII
By John Laming

redbaron.jpg (4091 bytes) Move over Red Baron
By John Laming
My Friend George, the Stuka Pilot
by John Laming




avthumb.jpg (3252 bytes) Avalon Airshow
16 - 18 February 2001
cabth.jpg (4433 bytes) Caboolture '99 Air Spectacular
Caboolture Airfield
Sunday 22nd August 1999
radar.gif (9457 bytes)

A Date with Juliet
An encounter with typhoon Juliet in a Boeing 737
by John Laming

donny10.jpg (3426 bytes)

Some old Airline Tickets, a Flight Log, etc




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Genealogy Home Pages

olmth.jpg (4810 bytes) Townsville Brothers Old Boys Association
(Brisbane Branch)


Do you know who this Chief Petty Officer was?
He served in the US Navy in Sydney during WWII


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