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Jack Heyn


"From Up Over To Down Under: And Back"

This incredible USB contains a total of 526 scanned photographs from the photo album of S/Sgt Jack Heyn, a photographer with the 3rd Bomb Group, USAAF during WWII. The photographs cover S/Sgt Jack Heyn's four years in the military during WWII from his basic training to VJ Day.

Also includes a copy of my published eBooks


1. The Early Days 2. U.S.S. Ancon 3. Charters Towers Part 1
4. Charters Towers Part 2 5. Port Moresby

6. Catch-up Time

7. Doba Dura Part I

8. Doba Dura - Part II

9. Melbourne

10. Nadzab

11. Hollandia

12. The Phillipine Islands
13. Rotation 14. Another Troop Train 15. 21 Day Delay-in-route
16. Redistribution Center 17. Jonnie - end of story  

Jack Heyn and Peter Dunn 2001
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