The United States Marine Corps acted as land combat troops for the US Navy and were involved in autonomous amphibious operations. The Marine Corps had its own aviation units. In 1941 the Marine Corps comprised two Brigades which were redesignated as:-

These two Divisions were combined to form the First Marine Amphibious Corps (IMAC).

The Divisions comprised a reinforced Infantry Division with:-

By 1943 a further 3 Marine Divisions were formed. The 6th Marine Division was formed in September 1944. 

In 1943 the V Amphibious Corps (VAC) was formed. 

At the outbreak of the war in the Pacific, the Marine Corps Aviation comprised two Air Groups and 10 Squadrons. By January 1945 there were 5 Aircraft Wings of 132 Squadrons plus some other Auxiliary Units. The Marine Corps Aviation provided tactical air support for Marine land operations.

The 1st Division US Marine Corps and the ‘SeaBees’ Construction Brigades moved into Balcombe Camp at Mount Martha, Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. In March 1943 the 19th Construction Battalion (Seabees) arrived at Balcombe Camp at Mount Martha and was attached to the First Marine Division. They were designated as the Third Battalion of the Seventeenth Marine Engineering Regiment during their stay at Mount Martha.

The Marines would carry out practice beach landings from the "Manoora" near the Dromana cliffs.


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