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100 Negroes of the 96th Battalion involved
in a fight in Townsville on 15 April 1942

Negro servicemen riot at Upper
Ross, Townsville on 22 May 1942

Eddie Leonski - Melbourne's
"Brownout Strangler" in May 1942

Mutiny in the 29th Quartermaster
Regiment at Winton on 13 June 1942

Shooting in the Lyceum Theatre,
George St., Brisbane on 19 August 1942

Shooting in a Townsville Fish
& Chip Shop on 28 August 1942

Negro stabbed 2 US Navy Sailors and elderly
man at South Brisbane on 11 September 1942

Australian Soldier stabbed to death by a US Soldier
in Centenary Park, Brisbane on 9 October 1942

Australian Soldier kills himself, his wife and USN
Sailor with a Hand Grenade on 9 October 1942

US Soldier's Body found on Townsville Beach
 with Bullet Wound on 13 October 1942

AIF Gunner stabbed by Negro Sailor at
South Brisbane on 4 November 1942

Two shot dead on a train at
Inkerman on 12 November 1942

The Battle of Brisbane on 26/27 November 1942

Disturbance at a dance in the Ingham
Town Hall in November 1942



Negro Soldier stabbed a person
in Brisbane on 12 January 1943

Negro shot during brawl at Albion, Darlinghurst,
Sydney and another incident at Bourke
Street, Surry Hills on 16 January 1943

Negro soldier wounds civilian with
blade razor in Brisbane on 3 April 1943

Shooting in George Street
Brisbane on 19 January 1943

Fatal Collision between US Army Truck and
Brisbane Tram on 6 September 1943 (4 killed)

Negro Soldier found shot dead
at Darra on 14 December 1943

Two negroes and an allied servicemen escaped
in NSW and recaptured on 31 December 1943



Red Cross worker raped in
Townsville in January 1944

Fatal Collision between US Army Truck and a
trailer bus in Brisbane on 14 April 1944 (3 killed)

Negro soldier kills Australian soldier
in Sydney on 13 April 1944

Girl Murdered in
Brisbane on 19 June 1944

Negro soldier shot at Surry Hills by Provost
officers on 1 Aug 1944 died the next day

Negro Soldier stabbed in
Brisbane on 2 August 1944

7 people injured in collision between American Military truck
and a taxi cab at Darra, in Brisbane on 1 September 1944

Negro sailor slashes negro soldier with knife
in South Brisbane on 22 November 1944

Uprising at Grovely Detention
Barracks, Brisbane in about 1944

Uprising at Warwick Detention
Barracks, Warwick in about 1944



Two American Officers shot dead in Brisbane by
the "Man in the Grey Suit" on 11 January 1945"



Capital Punishment by the US Military in SWPA

Queensland Police Radio Codes

Stuart Prison, Stuart, Townsville used by the Military

Boggo Road Gaol, Brisbane

Garbutt Stockade, Garbutt, Townsville


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