Bulimba, Brisbane, Queensland during WW2

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5 Transportation and Movements Office RAAF
at Byron Street, Bulimba

Aircraft dumped at Johnston Street, Bulimba AEME Area Workshops
AEME NC Workshops
Australian Army Workshop
Opollo Road, Bulimba near the Brisbane River
Barge Assembly Depot USA Bulimba
Bulimba Area WW2 Military Construction Bulimba - Apollo Barge Assembly Depot (USASOS)
Bulimba, Brisbane
Bulimba Base Small Craft Workshop
Bulimba, Brisbane
Bulimba Anti-aircraft gun site
(end of Quay Street, Bulimba)
Bulimba/Apollo Road Anti-aircraft gun site Bulimba CCC Camp
(near Thynne Road)
Bulimba Defence Works Acetate Factory
Bulimba, Brisbane
Bulimba Hostel
Commonwealth Housing Trust Hostel for War Workers
(later became the Clem Jones Home)
Bulimba Lighthouse Minewatching Post
Bulimba, Brisbane
Bulimba Oil (Petrol) Installations
Bulimba, Brisbane
Bulimba Point US Navy Storehouses (Warehouses)
(Warehouse and living quarters at end of McConnell St and another warehouse in Banya St)
Bulimba Seaplane Base
Bulimba, Brisbane
Bulimba No. 13 Transit Post Marine Section RAAF
Bulimba, Brisbane
Bulimba US Navy Carpenter's Shop
Bulimba, Brisbane
Bulimba U.S.N. Small Ships Apollo Road Subdivision
(Chinese & other alien labour used to build small ships)

Camp Bulimba

Chinese Camp, Camp "A", at Apollo Road, Bulimba
associated with barge building
Furnace, Banya Street, Bulimba
RAAF Marine Section
Wartimes Memories of Bulimba
as recalled by Dennis Burchill


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