I am particularly interested in researching events of a military nature, that occurred within Australia during WWII


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"Australia @ War" WWII Research Products


Pacific Profiles - Volume 14
Allied Bombers: B-25 Mitchell series
Australia, New Guinea and the Solomons 1942-1945
by Michael John Claringbould
Pacific Profiles - Volume 11
Allied Fighters: P-40 Warhawk Series
South and Southwest Pacific 1942-1945
by Michael John Claringbould
Lake Boga at War
The Inside Story of the Secret RAAF
Inland Flying Boat Base in WWII
by Brett Freeman
Pacific Profiles - Volume Three
Allied Medium Bombers: Douglas A-20 Havoc Series
Southwest Pacific 1942 - 1944
by Michael John Claringbould
Pacific Profiles - Volume Six
Allied Fighters: Bell P-39 & P-400 Airacobra
South & Southwest Pacific 1942-1945
by Michael John Claringbould
Pacific Profiles - Volume Seven
Allied Transports: Douglas C-47 Series
South & Southwest Pacific 1942-1945
by Michael John Claringbould
F/A-18A/B Hornet Aircraft in Australian Service
by John Quaife
First Nations Aviators
Compiled by Squadron Leader Gary Oakley
and Group Captain John Martin
Dreadful Lady over the Mekong Delta
RAAF Canberras in the Vietnam War
by Wing Commander Bob Howe (ret'd)
Bombers North
Allied bomber operations from Northern Australia 1942 - 1945
by Dr. Tom Lewis
The Codebreakers
by Alli Sinclair
Australian Military Aircraft
by David Coles
Aircraft of the Royal Australian Air Force
and Units of the Royal Australian Air Force

in a Royal Australian Air Force History Box Set
Invited to a War
by Air Vice-Marshal Alan Reed AO
16 December 1933 - 24 July 2021
Battle of the Atlantic
RAAF in Coastal Command 1939-45
by John Quaife
The Boy in the Dress
Investigating a tragic unsolved murder in
wartime Australia that echoes through the ages
by Jonathon Butler
South Pacific Air War - Volume 5
Crisis in Papua September - December 1942
by Michael Claringbould and Peter Ingman
Harvest of the Grim Reapers, Volume I
The Illustrated History of the 3rd and 27th Bomb Groups During World War II
Volume I: Prewar to December 1942
by Lawrence J. Hickey, Edward M. Rogers, with Osamu Tagaya & Madison D. Jonas
Then Now Always
Royal Australian Air Force Illustrated History 1921 - 2021
Thinks He's a Bird
From Postal Clerk to Pathfinder Pilot
by Ian Campbell
From Controversy to Cutting Edge
A History of the F-111 in Australian Service
by Mark Lax
Sky Pilot
A History of Chaplaincy in the RAAF 1926 - 1990
by Peter A. Davidson
Aircraft of the Royal Australian Air Force
Cold War Warriors
Royal Australian Air Force P-3 Orion Operations
by Ian Pearson
Armageddon and Okra
Australia's air operations in the Middle East a century apart
by Lewis Frederickson
Malayan Emergency and Indonesian Confrontation 1950 to 1966
by Mark Lax
The Untold Story of a Secret Australian Operation in WWII Borneo
by Christine Helliwell
Eagle Over Darwin
American Airmen Defending Northern Australia in 1942
by Dr. Tom Lewis
The Royal Australian Air Force in South Australia during WWII
Adelaide - Gawler - Mallala - Mount Gambier - Parafield - Port Pirie - Victor Harbor
South Pacific Air War Volume 4
Buna & Milne June - September 1942
by Michael Claringbould & Peter Ingman
Ila's War
by Cindy Entriken
There Never was a Brisbane Line
An e-book by Peter Dunn OAM
The Last Navigator
From the Queensland bush to Bomber Command and Pathfinders
 ... a true story of courage and survival against the odds
by Paul Goodwin
James "Jimmy" Nolan
RAAF Pacific War Pilot
by Schindler Entertainment
A true story of a daring rescue in the swamps of New Guinea, summer 1944
by Bas Kreuger
Hitler's Lost Spy
The True Story of a Female Spy in Australia
by Greg Clancy
Dutch Courage
The True Story of the 18 NEI Squadron
A DVD on the Forgotten Squadron
Ken's Men Against the Empire
The Illustrated History of the 43rd Bombardment Group during World War II
Volume II: October 1943 to December 1945 - The B-24 Era
by Lawrence J. Hickey, and James T. Pettus
with Osamu Tagaya, Edward M. Rogers, and Madison D. Jonas
No Regard for the Truth
Friendship and kindness. Tragedy and injustice.
Roweville's Italian prisoners of war
by Darren Arnott
South Pacific Air War Volume 3
Coral Sea & Aftermath May - June 1942
by Michael Claringbould and Peter Ingman
The Empire has an Answer
The Empire Air Training Scheme as reported
in the Australian Press 1939 - 1945
by Tony James Brady
RAAF Black Cats
The secret history of the covert Catalina mine-laying
operations to cripple Japan's war machine
by Robert Cleworth and John Suter Linton
War Clouds over Benalla
The History of No. 11 Elementary Flying Training School
RAAF Station Benalla 1941 - 1945
by Doug Williams
Sir, who won the war?
Gippsland 1939 - 1945

by Marcus Hill
Fortress Fremantle
Its Lost Sub & Contribution to World War II
by Tim Baldock
A Town at War
Sale in Gippsland 1939 - 1945
by Marcus Hill
It Wasn't So Jolly
The Story of the Jolly Rogers and the James Horner Crew 1942 - 1945
by Tom Baker
Kangaroo Squadron
American Courage in the Darkest Days of World War II
by Bruce Gamble
South Pacific Air War Volume 2
The Struggle for Moresby March-April 1942

by Michael Claringbould and Peter Ingman
The Black Soil Plains and Beyond
Recollections of the 1st Australian Armoured Division
by Cate Clark
The Making of a Spitfire Pilot
by Ralph and Gay Murphy
Charles Ulm
The untold story of one of Australia's greatest aviation pioneers
by Rick Searle
Miallo - Untold Secrets
a novel by Susan Bardon
Australia's First Spies
The remarkable story of Australia's intelligence operations, 1901-45
by John Fahey
The Missing Man
From the outback to Tarakan,
the powerful story of LEN WATERS,
Australia's first aboriginal fighter pilot
by Peter Rees
Allied Translator and Interpreter Section
Translation of Japanese documents & Interrogation
of Japanese POWs in Brisbane during WWII
By Peter Dunn
Leadership Secrets of the Australian Army
by Brigadier Nicholas Jans (Ret'd), OAM
Scorched Earth
Australia's Secret Plan for Total War under Japanese Invasion in World War II
By Sue Rosen
The Story of the Men Who Flew RAAF Lancaster "J" for Jig
by Mike Colman
Townsville Air Depot
by Peter Dunn
The Secret Code-Breakers of Central Bureau
How Australia's signals-intelligence network helped win the Pacific War
by David Dufty
Courage in the Skies
The Untold Story of Qantas, its brave men and women
and their extraordinary role in World War II
by Jim Eames
South Pacific Air War Volume 1
The Fall of Rabaul December 1941 - March 1942
by Michael Claringbould & Peter Ingman
Battle of the Coral Sea
The Battle that Saved Australia
by Peter Dunn
The General's Son
Arthur MacArthur in Australia during WWII
by Peter Dunn
Aussie Slang
by Peter Dunn
WWII Military Abbreviations
by Peter Dunn

"Australia @ War" on USB Memory Stick
By Peter Dunn
Everything you ever wanted to know
about Australia during WW2.

Marine Section
The Forgotten Era of Men & Vessels

By Leslie R. Jubbs

Brisbane WW2 V Now
... from an American Archives photo viewpoint
Newstead House

By Roger R. Marks with Peter Dunn

From Up Over To Down Under: And Back
USB containing the Photographic Collection of S/Sgt Jack Heyn
Photographer with the 3rd Bomb Group during WW2

Bomber Boys
The extraordinary adventures of a group of airmen who escaped
the Japanese and became the RAAF's celebrated 18th Squadron
by Marianne van Velzen
Code Breakers
Inside the shadow world of Signals Intelligence
in Australia's two Bletchley Parks
by Craig Collie
Some Came Home
Pacific War Veterans Tell their Stories of Survival from Rabaul
By Schindler Films
Known Unto God
How One Man's Heroic Decision Changed the Lives of Many
By Schindler Films
The Empire Strikes South
Japan's Air War Against Northern Australia 1942-45
by Dr. Tom Lewis OAM
Illustrated by Michael Claringbould
New Zealand in the Pacific War
Personal Accounts of World War II
By Bruce M. Petty
WWII Military Telephone Directory
for Brisbane - February 1945
127 pages full of Military History in Brisbane.
Shows location, building, floor level and phone numbers.
Ken's Men Against the Empire
The Illustrated History of the 43rd Bombardment Group During World War II
Volume I: Prewar to October 1943 - The B-17 Era
by Lawrence J. Hickey
with Steve Birdsall, Madison D. Jonas,
Edward M. Rogers, and Osamu Tagaya
Save Our Souls
Rescues Made by U.S. Submarines During WWII
by Douglas E. Campbell
War at the End of the World
Douglas MacArthur and the Forgotten Fight for New Guinea, 1942-1945
by James P. Duffy
Check Six!
A Thunderbolt Pilot's War Across the Pacific
by James C. Curran & Terrence G. Popravak, Jr.
U-Boat Far From Home
The Epic Voyage of U 862 to Australia and New Zealand
by David Stevens
Relentless Pursuit
The Untold Story of the U.S. 5th Air Force's 39th Fighter Squadron
by Ken Dooley
New Guinea Diary
A Doctor's Tale from WWII
by Sidney Goldman
Sappers in the West
Army Engineers in Western Australia
by Graham McKenzie-Smith
Aircraft Crashes of Northern Queensland Australia 1942 - 1945
by Michael Musumeci
The Fifth Column in World War II
Suspected Subversives in the Pacific War and Australia
by Robert Loeffel
A Mystery Unsolved... The Loss of Catalina A24-49
by Bob Alford and Tony Morgan
Dad's War Photos
Adventures in the South Pacific
By Neal Bertrand
Between the Dances
World War 2 Women Tell Their Stories
By Jacqueline Dinan
Allied Air Transport Operations South West Pacific Area in WWII
Volume Four: 1944 - Supporting the Allied advances

by Robert H. Kelly
Death by Mustard Gas
How Military Secrecy and Lost Weapons can Kill
by Geoff Plunkett
MacArthur and Halsey's "Pacific Island Hoppers"
The Forgotten Fleet of World War II
by David D. Bruhn
An Officer in MacArthur's Court
A Memoir of the first Headquarters Commandant
for General Douglas MacArthur
By John F. Day III
More Than a Haircut and Shave
South Brisbane Dry Dock - A History

by David Jones and Peter Nunan
All the Way to the USA
Australian WWII War Brides

By Robyn Arrowsmith
The Morning Side of the Hill
by Marion Houldsworth
The Soldiers' Wall
A Glimpse into their World
by Lyris Mitchell
Century of Silent Service
by Graham Seal and Lloyd Blake
Porton - A Deadly Trap
by Audrey Davidson and Battle Survivors
Shadows of War
On the Brisbane Line
by Graham Smith

Australia's Worst Aviation Disaster
70th Anniversary Commemoration Edition
by Robert S. Cutler

Taking to the Skies
Daredevils, heroes and hijackers, Australia flying stories
from the Catalina to the Jumbo
by Jim Eames
The 1943 Canal Creek Air Crash
and other aircraft disasters in Central Queensland during WW2

by Mary O'Brien
Target Rabaul
The Allied Siege of Japan's Infamous Stronghold
March 1943 - August 1945

By Bruce Gamble
Japanese Air Forces Over the NWA 1942-1945
by Bob Alford with Illustrations by Darryl Ford
Eagles of the Southern Sky
The Tainan Air Group in WWII - Volume One: New Guinea

by Luca Ruffato and Michael J. Claringbould
Carrier Attack Darwin 1942
The Complete Guide to Australia's own Pearl Harbor

by Dr. Tom Lewis & Peter Ingman
The Military Aviation Heritage of Townsville
1940 to the Present

RAAF Townsville Museum
The Rainbow Through the Rain
by Geoffrey Scott Mowat
No Time for Fear
Voices of American Military Nurses in World War II
by Diane Burke Fessler
Gordonvale and the
503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment

A Mulgrave Shire Historical Society Publication
As I Remember Them
Men and Women who Shaped a Life
By Peter Isaacson
Like Snow on the Desert
By Ronald William Walesby
Includes his WWII experiences
World War II
The Australian Experience

By Michael Andrews
My Life in the Service
The World War II Diary
of Staff Sergeant Jack E. Bates
2nd Squadron, 22nd Bombardment Group, Fifth Air Force
Camouflage Australia
Art, Nature, Science and War
by Ann Elias
Fighting the Kimberley
The 3 Australian Corps Kimberley
Guerilla Warfare Group 1942 - 1943
by Peter J. Bridge
No. 2 OTU RAAF Mildura
and No. 8 OTU RAAF Parkes

By John Lever
"Over and Out" Sam's Story
Edited by Robert S. Cutler
2/14 Australian Infantry Battalion
by W.B. Russell
Diary of World War II North Queensland (Update)
Data CD-Rom (1,500 page) Reference Book
by Peter Nielsen
Secret Fleets
Fremantle's World War II Submarine Base
by Lynne Cairns
Fleet Radio Unit Pacific Makalapa
by Jim Schlueter
Commando Kayak
The Story of the Folboat during WWII
by John Hoehn
It's Not Hollywood, But ...
"Bob Hope's Plane forced to crash-land in Australia"
By Mitch McKay
Darwin's Submarine I-124
The Story of a covert Japanese Squadron waging a
Secret Underwater War against northern Australia
By Dr. Tom Lewis
Zero Hour in Broome
The Untold Story of the Attacks on Northwest Australia in 1942
By Dr. Tom Lewis & Peter Ingman
El Tigre
Frank Holland, M.B.E.
Commando, Coastwatcher
Editor Peter Stone, with Mabel Holland & John Holland
Beneath Cold Waves
A Pictorial Glossary of Vessels Sunk in Wartime Australian Waters
by Kevin Gomm
Darwin Spitfires
The Real Battle for Australia
by Anthony Cooper
The Fleet Radio Unit Pacific - FRUPAC
A Pictorial History, Naval Security Group NSG, US Navy 1943 - 1946
by Jim Schlueter
Darwin's Air War 1942 - 1945
An Illustrated History Commemorating the Darwin Air Raids

by Bob Alford
My New Guinea Diary
by Ernest C. Ford
In the Shadow of the Eagle
German Raider and U-boat Attacks office Western Australia
and in the Southern Ocean during World War II
By Kevin Gomm
Every Day a Nightmare
American Pursuit Pilots if the Defense of Java, 1941-1942

by William H. Bartsch
Australia's Liberators
by Charles Darby
Twelve Terrible Tales!
Children's Wartime Stories

by Jill Mather
Fortress Rabaul
The Battle for the Southwest Pacific, January 1942 - April 1943

by Bruce Gamble
Tall Tails of the South Pacific
An anthology of flying stories

by John Laming
Under the Southern Cross
The Forgotten Service of World War II

by William F. Andrews
(2nd Edition)
The First Commandos
Ralph Coyne's Wartime Experiences 1942 - 45

by Ralph Coyne 2009
Conduct Under Fire 1941 - 1945
Four Doctors and Their Fight for Life as Prisoners of the Japanese

by John A. Glusman
Rampage of the Roarin' 20's
The Illustrated History of the
312th Bombardment Group during World War II

Lawrence J. Hickey
Michael H. Levy
with Michael J. Claringbould
Tojo's Fate
Australia's Secret War

by Cyrus C. McFarlane
Aviator Extraordinary
The Sidney Cotton Story

As told to Ralph Barker
Red Sun on the Kangaroo Paw
Japanese Air Raids and Attacks on
Western Australia during World War II

by Kevin Gomm
Airlines & Aircraft of the
Ansett Group 1921 - 2002

by Fred Niven
(Includes WWII activities of the Ansett Group)
Never a Dull Moment
by Philip Dulhunty
In Just Five Years - The RAAF & Nhill in World War II 1941 - 1946
by Kevin O'Reilly
By the Seats of their Pants
(DVD Video)
The Story of the Krait
Tigers & Snakes

(DVD Video)
Defending Fremantle
Albany and Bunbury
1939 to 1945

by Graham McKenzie-Smith
RAAF 83 & Army Co-operation Wings
RAAF Army Co-operation units in the South West Pacific 1940 - 1946

By John Lever
The Story of the 42nd
Australian Infantry Battalion
in World War II

by Cpl. S. E. Benson
The Spirit of the Forty-Second
Narrative of the 42nd Battalion, 11th Infantry Brigade,
3rd Division, Australian Imperial Forces,
during the Great War, 1914-1918

Written and compiled by Vivian Brahms
An Eyewitness Account of Pearl Harbor and World War II in the Pacific

by Carol Edgemon Hipperson
The Old Campaigners
Camels, Mules, Donkeys and Waler Horses

by Jill Mather
Refugees and Rebels
Indonesian Exiles in Wartime Australia

by Jan Lingard

Dearest Bert
A Collection of Letters from World War II Hero, Alvin Mueller, Jr.

By Roxolin Bose Krueger

Morning of the Rising Sun
The Heroic Story of the Battles of Guadalcanal

by Kenneth I. Friedman, Ph. D

Black Jack's Last Mission
A DVD Written and Produced by Steve Birdsall

Queensland War Memorials and Tributes
by Shirley and Trevor McIvor
A Unique Flight
The historic aircraft collection of the Australian War Memorial

by Michael Nelmes
Doomed at the Start
American Pursuit Pilots in the Philippines, 194-1942

by William H. Bartsch
Fifth Air Force in Profile
The Detailed Color Markings of a Forgotten Pacific Air Force

by Michael John Claringbould
Iron Range Airbase
Carved in the Cape York Jungle

by Michael D. Musumeci
Operation Plum
The Ill-fated 27th Bombardment Group and
the Fight for the Western Pacific

by Adrian R. Martin and Larry W. Stephenson
Vampire Squadron
The Saga of the 44th Fighter Squadron
in the South and Southwest Pacific

by William H. Starke, Lt. Col. USAFR (Ret.)
Melbourne to Manila
by Ovid Di Fiore
"Not Just a Stone Frigate!"
HMAS Maitland, Newcastle, New South Wales, 1940-1946

by Frank and Jacqueline Rice
Wings of Destiny
Wing Commander Charles Learmonth, DFC and Bar and the Air War in New Guinea

by Charles Page
Forgotten Heroes
The Australian Waler horse

by Jill Mather
A young woman's wartime experiences at an Officer Candidate School

by Noel W. Wallis
Allied Air Transport Operations
South West Pacific Area in WWII
Volume Three
1943 -
Air Transport approaches full strength

by Robert H. Kelly
Darwin's Battle for Australia
A History of Darwin's Role in the Defence of Australia in WW-2
Chemical Weapons in Australia
Australia's Involvement in Chemical Warfare 1914 - 1945

by Geoff Plunkett
Combat Recon
5th Air Force Images from the SW Pacific 1943 - 45

by Robert J. Stava
B-24 Liberator Units of the Pacific War
by Robert F. Dorr
Proud to be Third
Personnel Recollections, Photographs and a Biographical Roll of the 2/3rd
Australian Independent Company/Commando Squadron in World War Two
by Darren Robins
Darkroom Soldier
Photographs and Letters from the
South Pacific Theater World War II
by Frederick H. Hill with George Venn
Wings on the River
Flying Boats on the Brisbane River & Redland Bay
by David Jones
Swing by Sailor
True Stories from the War Brides of HMS Victorious
by Catherine Dyson
Balmoral Cemetery Pacific Veterans
Stories of Brisbane's Balmoral Cemetery World War Two Pacific
Campaign Veterans and Life on the Homefront
by Friends of Balmoral Cemetery Inc.
Artillery Units at Kelvin Grove
A tribute to their guns and gunners

Kelvin Grove Barracks Artillery Historical Group, Brisbane, 2006
Kenneth N. Walker
Airpower's Untempered Crusader

By Martha Byrd
Kanji & Codes
Learning Japanese for World War II

by Irwin L. Slesnick & Carole E. Slesnick
Incident in the Life of a B-25 Pilot
by Roy Lee Grover
Allied Air Transport Operations
South West Pacific Area in WWII
Volume Two
1943 - Year of expansion and consolidation

by Robert H. Kelly
Swamp Ghost
B-17E 41-2446

A DVD by Justin Taylan
The Truth about Kieta
January 1942

by John V. Plunkett
The War-time Camps at Hay
by Hay Historical Society
'Man Overboard'
The HMAS Nizam Tragedy
by Andrew Rose ~ Sandra Rose
Krait SRD Connection
Service Reconnaissance Department - Volume 1
by Shirley Myles Gleghorn
Strike Back
Modelling the B-24 Liberator in RAAF Service
by Bob Livingstone
The Submarine Hunters
Nos. 66, 67, 71, 73 and 107 Squadrons RAAF
by John Lever
Moreton Bay, Queensland in World War II
by Ron Donald

The Bomber Reef
War in the Pacific
History and Underwater Exploration
of a B-25 Mitchell bomber in New Guinea 1943
by Walt Deas
A Basis for Victory
The Allied Geographical Section
1942 - 1947
by Reuben R.E. Bowd
Spies for Nimitz
Joint Military Intelligence in the Pacific War
by Jeffrey M. Moore
Secret War in the Pacific
The Story of Commander Charles "Chick" Parsons
R.A.A.F. Air Ambulance and
Medical Air Evacuation Units 1940 - 1946
By John Lever
Coorparoo Blues
Fictionalises the murder of 2 negro soldiers by US MP's
by g.s. manson
Allied Air Transport Operations
South West Pacific Area in WWII
Volume One
Development of Air Transport 1903-1943
by Robert H. Kelly
Savage Wilderness
The epic outback search for the crew of Little Eva
by Barry Ralph
Hatching an Air Force
Uranquinty and Wagga Wagga
by Peter Ilbery
Silent Victory
Breaking the Japanese Air-blockade between Australia and Europe
by Arthur Leebold
Seek and Strike
75 Squadron RAAF 1942 - 2002
by David J. Wilson
Pappy Gunn
By Nathaniel Gunn
New 2010 Edition

The Book
Voice from the Stars, A Pathfinders Story
By Tom Scotland, DFC

The Book

The CD-Rom
Voice from the Stars, A Pathfinders Photos
By Tom Scotland, DFC

The CD-Rom

“G for GEORGE” – Commemorative Gathering,
Canberra, 2 – 6 December 2003
Available on VHS Video or DVD
Little Wolf at Leyte
The Story of the Heroic USS Samuel B. Roberts, DE413
in the Battle of Leyte Gulf during World War II
By J. Henry Doscher, Jr., Captain, USNR, (Ret.)
Fairey Battle in the R.A.A.F.
By John Lever
Subchaser in the South Pacific
A Saga of the USS SC-761 during World War II
By J. Henry Doscher, Jr., Captain, USNR, (Ret.)
Mackay's Flying Fortress
Remembering Australia's Worst Aviation Disaster in World War Two
by Robert S. Cutler
Flight of the Halifax
The Biography of Captain G.N. Wikner Australian Pioneer Aviator
Complied by Norman Mitchell
Splinter Fleet
The Wooden Subchasers of World War II
By Theodore R. Treadwell

"Tracing the Historical Significance of the Wacol Army Camp to the City of Brisbane"
By Noel W. Wallis

The Flying Inventor
The autobiography of an RAAF Ground Engineer, inventor and later, pilot
By Alan Mitchell
World War II B-24 "Snoopers"
Low Level Anti-shipping Radar Night Bombers in the Pacific Theater
By Stephen M. Perrone

The Grim Reapers
at work in the Pacific Theater
The Third Attack Group
of the U.S. Fifth Air Force
By John P. Henebry, Major General USAF, Retired

They Rest in Peace, 1939-1945, Vol. 1"
By the Bundaberg Genealogical Association Inc.
They Rest in Peace, 1939-1945, Vol. 2"
By the Bundaberg Genealogical Association Inc.
lever01.jpg (2448 bytes) Books from John Lever
Books on RAAF Operational Training Units, etc

"86 Squadron 1943-45
Men, Kittyhawks and Mustangs"

By Peter F. Howard

tptw1.jpg (4040 bytes) "They Passed This Way"
By Barry Ralph

The story of the Allied invasion of Australia during WW2

mclar04.jpg (3823 bytes) Aerothentic Publications
Specialist Publications on the Aviation War in the Pacific
wbs.jpg (3971 bytes) Books from the War Book Shop
The Mail-Order Military Specialists
eaves_small.jpg (3946 bytes)

The Eavesdroppers
The best kept secret of World War 2
by Jack Bleakley

Fortress Brisbane
A guide to historic fixed defence sites of Brisbane
and the Moreton Bay Islands
By D.W. Spethman and R.G. Miller
A Town Called Onslow
An airman's WW2 experience
by Antonio Cafarella
Corunna Downs - The Invisible WW2 Airfield
An airman's story of WW2 experiences not far from Marble Bay
by Antonio Cafarella
My Broome
An Airman's tale of his war time experience
in Broome, Western Australia
by Antonio Cafarella
  G'day Mate, 'av ya 'erd this one?
A historical collection of stories, poems, cartoons, photos etc from ex-service men and women Australia wide from recent wars
by Antonio Cafarella
Under the Southern Cross
The B-24 Liberator in the South Pacific
by Bob Livingstone
The Fourth Ally
The Dutch forces in Australia during WW2
by Doug Hurst
Sigsaly - The Green Hornet Sigsaly - The Green Hornet
By Donald Mehl


OPS' Victory at All Costs
On Operations over Hitler's Reich with
The Crews of Bomber Command
by Andrew R. B. Simpson
Passed by Censor
Letters from the War

by Major John W Calder
Codeword Dictionary
A Compilation of Military and Law
Enforcement Codewords from 1904 to Present

by Paul Adkins
Wrecks & Relics
The Biennial Survey of Preserved, Instructional and
 Derelict Airframes in the UK and Ireland
14th Edition

by Ken Ellis
Holidaying on the Continent
The Journey of an RAAF Volunteer: 1940-45
460 RAAF Squadron
by Richard Munro
460thumb.gif (3239 bytes) Books on 460 Squadron RAAF
Supreme Sacrifices of the Great War
By the Bundaberg Genealogical Association Inc.
The Flying Kangaroo
by Jim Eames
A Woman's War
A mother's home-front battle
By Jacqueline & John Dinan
Miracle of the Mountains
Bernard O'Reilly and the Stinson Airliner crash
cobras1.jpg (3240 bytes) "Cobras over the Tundra"
by Everett A. Long and Ivan Y. Neganblya


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