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Sometimes referred to as Archers Field or Franklin's Farm


Archerfield today
Photo taken 7 Nov 1998


Photo from Rod Jackson

Archerfield during WWII



Photo:- Noel Hall

Photograph of Archerfield on 10 Feb 2008 - now hemmed in by development


Photo from Rod Jackson

Larger version of the above photograph of B-17 Flying Fortress #40-3067


Photo from Bob Livingstone

Another picture of possibly the same aircraft, It has the No. 67 on its tail.


Arrival of first DH86 at Archerfield on 13 Oct 1934. Note the houses on
the other side of Beatty Road. The crowd is roughly in the location of
the old administration building. The cemetery is to the left of the picture.


A Liberator and a B-18 at Archerfield during WW2
Photograph from Bruce Hall. Photograph
taken by WW2 photographer W. Myers

The Liberator is a US Ferry Command B-24A, probably #40-2370
which is known to have been at Amberley in February 1942


Photo from Rod Jackson

The same Liberator and a B-18
at Archerfield during WW2


194 Staging Post RAF
at Archerfield from Jul 1945
& disbanded there in Feb 1946

419th Signal Company Aviation

1315 Transport Flight RAF

Archerfield Radio Site
near Boundary Rd, Coopers Plains

Battle of Britain Air Display Col Clark's Historical Report on Archerfield
DC-4 at Archerfield Detachment "A", Marine Utility Squadron Two VJ-2 (US Navy) Hangars at Archerfield

History of Archerfield

HMS Nabsford - Archerfield
Plaque to commemorate R.N. Fleet Air Arm
who served at Archerfield

Marine Utility Squadron Two VJ-2, Detachment "A"
US Navy

More Photos of Archerfield by W. Myers Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt at Archerfield in 1944 Netherlands East Indies (Dutch) Air Force
Prangs at Archerfield during WWII RAAF Station Archerfield
(Includes details of many RAAF Units that served at Archerfield Aerodrome)
Royal Australian Air Force at Archerfield

S/Sgt Jack Maidlow
based at Archerfield during WWII

The Archerfield Quarry
The old quarry, full of military equipment from WW2

The War Years

United States Fifth States Fifth Air Force 1942 - 1945  



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Some old Airline Tickets
and a Flight Log
Memories of a flight from Archerfield

God's Acre - Grenier Cemetery
Located in the grounds of Archerfield aerodrome

Sir Charles Kingsford Smith
Plaque to commemorate the 1st flight across the Pacific Ocean

Lores Bonney
Solo flight to England in 1933




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